Attend TEDxElPaso

TEDxElPaso 2017 will be held in the heart of the City, at the El Paso Museum of Art. A limited number of seats are available. We invite all who are interested in attending to submit an application. All applications will be reviewed carefully. TEDxElPaso is interested in people who are leaders in their fields and/or who make a strong contribution to our community through

their energy, ideas, actions, leadership, and wisdom. The application process is designed to help us get to know our talented pool of applicants and curate a remarkable list of attendees.


We are looking for those most likely to be engaged by the ideas shared at this event and who will be the embodiment of TED’s motto, “Ideas Worth Spreading.”

Tickets and Pricing

Applications to attend are confirmed approximately thirty to sixty days prior to the conference.

Please note: once your application is accepted, we will send a link to you via email that you can then use to purchase your ticket to TEDxElPaso 2017.

Ticket prices for 2017 are $100 each.
TEDxElPaso is a volunteer organization and all ticket revenue goes directly toward creating the highest quality event possible for our attendees.

Food & Drink

Food and drinks for the all-day event are provided as part of the TEDxElPaso experience. Snacks and beverages will also be provided throughout the day.


Contact us if you have an interest in partnering to help provide refreshments for this year’s speakers and attendees.

What to Wear

There is no dress code for TEDxElPaso. This is an all-day conference, so we want you to be comfortable.

However, most of our speakers and attendees tend to think of the event as “business casual,” so that might serve as a guide for you.

What You Receive for Attending

Meaningful interaction with experts and leaders in numerous and varied fields.


Custom TEDxElPaso shirt and name-badge keepsake.


Admittance to stimulating TEDxElPaso pre-events.


TEDxElPaso Adventures (still being planned; may have limited availability).


Brain fuel from watching dynamic speakers sharing unique, powerful ideas.


Admittance to any workshops and engagement sessions.


Gift bags and other takeaways.

What attendees are saying about TEDxElPaso:

“TEDxElPaso was one of the most fun and enlightening experiences I’ve ever been a part of.”

“TED provides an opportunity to connect with people who are working on valuable projects that benefit various communities. It is inspiring and offers effective ideas that can be brought to one’s lives and classrooms.”

“It was an awesome experience.

I was excited to see such a progressive and innovative convention here in El Paso and I look forward to seeing these world-changing talks.”

“Organization was great, speakers were diverse, everything was simply more than I expected. Thank you.”

“It’s an amazing thing to showcase the great minds and ideas right in our own backyard. These are the kinds of ideas that change the world.”

“It was really stimulating to be in a group setting with people with similar missions and visions for El Paso. This event provided a great opportunity to be in touch and in tune with the pulse of what is happening…with those people which we need to connect and exchange information…This was a wonderful event. It would be great to have a periodic TEDx meet-up for past attendees to keep those fires which were ignited burning!”