Gus Arriaga – Open source every...

Gus Arriaga

Gus discusses what led him to the world of Open Sourcing and the infinite possibilities it has in store for the future. Through several storylines Gus shares his insight about Fab Labs around the world, online collaboration and the future of Open Source applications.

Rebecca Ramos – Teaching ethics...

Rebecca Ramos

Hear how Ms. Ramos is implementing a unique strategy to affect change in a city that has weathered years of violence and how her efforts and others are changing the landscape.

Dr. Robert Tinajero Everyday racism

Robert Tinajero

Hear how racism has become ingrained in modern society and why its not a valid point of view.

Dr. Roger Gonzalez – The decept...

Roger Gonzalez

Hear how technology is not enough to aid the disabled of the world. Affordable prosthetic limbs are providing relief to the disabled but what more can be done?

Sally Deitch – The beauty of ra...

Sally Deitch

A talk that touches on the surprises parents uncover when discovering their child is autistic.

Tracey Jerome – The misundersto...

Tracey Jerome

Tracey provides a glimpse into the value and purpose of art in the context of history and community.

Travis Duckworth – Small change...

Travis Duckworth

Through unique strategies Mr. Duckworth designs projects which allow students to gain a wider world view and take on greater responsibility while being empowered with real-world skills including how to build their own houses, grow their own food and start their own businesses.

Xochitl Rodriguez – Speak Witho...

Xochitl Rodriguez

Part talk, part performance, Xochitl uses the stage to share her story and her art.

Dr. Charlie Clements – Every wo...

Charlie Clements

Dr. Clements presents his case for the need to create an organization to end human rights abuses of women worldwide.

Paul Hotchkin – Ethics & e...

Paul Hotchkin

Paul Hotchkin shares how a holistic approach to solving everyday problems will lead to solutions to the biggest problem facing people today, sustainability.